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  • Kona Review

    Kona Review

    There’s an interesting veneer to Kona. Ignoring the overtly obvious Silent Hill related paraphernalia, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter-like detective skills of the main character, and the almost insultingly naive half-baked ending, there’s something about Kona I like.
  • Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Review

    Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Review

    Here I am, with a recommendation (with caveats) for the game, all from someone who doesn't really like the Left 4 Dead formula. And with the sequel announced recently, what better time to look at the game?
  • Songbringer Review

    Songbringer Review

    Songbringer is a 3/4th perspective pixelated, science fiction, action adventure game with light RPG mechanics. In the game, you play the role of of Roq Epimetheos. After crashing onto the world of Ekzera, it’s up to cool dude Roq and his robot friend to stop an ancient evil from doing ancient evil(y) things.
  • Even The Ocean Review

    Even The Ocean Review

    A long time ago, I adored platformers. They’re still one of my favorite genres of video games. In fact, as of this review, they’re the biggest genre of games that I’ve reviewed via Yourwolfsdengaming. But, unlike some, I didn’t grow up with 2D platformers. I grew up with 3D platformers like Spyro: The Dragon. Yet despite growing up with 3D platformers, games like On Rusty Trails and Dust: An Elysian Tail have pushed and shoved their way into my gray little heart. Will Even The Ocean do the same?
  • Fallout 4 (2017) Review

    Fallout 4 (2017) Review

    If there’s any game that I was more disappointed of in 2015, it’s Fallout 4. Originally reviewed on December 23rd, 2015, I gave it an astounding ‘meh’. After the initial review was lost, I decided to review the game in a new, 2017 edition review of the game. I originally praised the game for satisfying combat and well-made tunes, and hammered the game for diet-sims city building, and bugs and glitches that, at many points, broke major quest lines. Has Fallout 4 been improved since its initial release?
  • Book of Demons First Impressions [Early Access]

    Book of Demons First Impressions [Early Access]

    You know, if you asked me say, twelve years ago what my thoughts were on a game like Book of Demons, I’d ask why I don’t already have it and where I can get more. Twelve years ago, Card-based video games were still a rarity, Lost Kingdoms had just come out, and the only well-known paper based games were the Paper Mario games. Now, twelve years later, Book of Demons isn’t in a special club, and with it being released in Early Access, it’s not really in an exclusive club either. Still, it is an interesting little concept.
  • First Impressions of Day of Infamy [Early Access]

    First Impressions of Day of Infamy [Early Access]

    After nearly a month without uploading a review, dealing with personal matters, I finally have a chance to write about my initial impressions on ‘Day of Infamy’. Being a rather large fan of World War 2 shooters, I’ve played some of the best (and the worst) World War 2 games out there. Some I loathed, some I enjoyed, but the vast majority simply felt ‘meh’. does Day of Infamy hold up to the years of already existing World War 2 shooters on the market, or will it burn like an atom bomb baby?
  • Shu Review

    Shu Review

    Welcome to the world of the bird people! You play as Shu, and after a terrible storm destories Shu’s Village, it’s up to Shu to platform his way to victory, rescue the stranded villagers, and stop the devastating storm from reaping havoc but the question remains, is Shu worth your time?
  • First Impressions of Monsters and Monocles [Early Access]

    First Impressions of Monsters and Monocles [Early Access]

    Monsters and Monocles is top down, twin-stick shooter with a Victorian, pseudo-steampunk overlay. You have a variety of weapons, abilities, enemies to use said weapons and abilities on, a handful of bosses to brutally kill with fire, and the ability to play online *cough* or offline with up to 4 players.
  • Metrico+ Review

    Metrico+ Review

    Metrico+ is a game for those who just couldn’t get enough out of their statistics class! Welcome to Metrico+! Where platforming and puzzles meets Info graphics and pie charts. In Metrico+, you’ll explore a multitude of worlds, solve puzzles, listen to some pretty sweet music, and think outside the box! But the question remains, is Metrico+ worth your time?
  • Typoman: Revised Review

    Typoman: Revised Review

    Enter the world of Typoman: Revised! Typoman is a ‘cute thing in big scary world’ game where you are assembled as a series of letters that may or may not be foreshadowing what the main character will become. Despite being a cute thing in a big scary world that totally isn’t based in WW2, you have one special, unique gift: You can assemble a series of hodgepodge letters in order to create words that alter your environment. Will this odd, typographic world hold ink? Let’s find out.
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

    Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

    Immerse yourself in the magic world of Dust: An Elysian Tale on a quest to find your true identity. You’ll play as the mysterious Dust, and with your trusty sidekick Fidget who totally isn’t Nall from Lunar 2 we promise because Fidget’s orange and a Nimbat you dolt. Along the way, you’ll pursue your destiny while trying to stop an evil force from sweeping over the lands of [insert generic name here] all the while learning about your mysterious past and helping people who have a tendency to never move more than twenty feet. You’ll fight airships, you’ll fight monsters, …
  • INSIDE Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    INSIDE Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    In the dark and morbid world of Inside, you play as a boy hunted and alone traveling in an increasingly gloomy world.
  • Dustbowl Review

    Dustbowl Review

    Welcome to Dustbowl! You are a random man who survived the aftermath of a really horrible apocalyptic event. After your good for nothing father leaves you in the post-apocalyptic bunker on your own with a bunch of random strangers in a room without a lock of any description, it’s up to you to find your father and probably save the world or something. You’ll enter the wasteland, find some gear, probably get sick and get mauled by a bird, all the while exploring the mutant infested wastes!
  • 35MM Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    35MM Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    35mm is a story set in a post-apocalyptic Russia, following the journey of two people as they travel through the surprisingly populated wasteland. After an epidemic killed off most of the world’s population, it’s up to our two main heroes to do bugger all in this not-so-epic apocalyptic road trip of glitches, dodgy English translations, and a disappointingly flat and dull story to accompany the walking speed only a turtle could find acceptable. Do you like holding down the sprint button for the entirety of the game just so you walk at a normal pace? Well, enjoy that.
  • Sacred Line Genesis Remix Review

    Sacred Line Genesis Remix Review

    Welcome to Stephen King’s movie adaptations, the video game! You’ll play as an odd fellow named Ellen, a private detective living in eastern Europe. Probably lives in Scotland, everything bad happens in Scotland. Lately, her business has not been going well, which leads her to the decision of closing the office. But on the last day of work, an eerily familiar yet anonymous plot device calls her by phone (stupid phantoms, running up the phone bill) and asks her to inspect a hidden forest outpost. Apparently in eastern Europe, hidden forest outposts are just a really common thing. Intrigued, Ellen …
  • Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a fast and furious game with a hint of twisted metal, a sprinkle of Burnout: Paradise and Need for Speed all mixed together. But oh no! Professor Gamespires has accidentally added a special ingredient! Guns! With tons of trigger-happy AI just chomping at the bits to bite your metal arse a new one, dozens of tracks to choose from and dozens of customization options for your car, only you can save the day!
  • On Rusty Trails Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    On Rusty Trails Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    On Rusty Trails is a modern platformer in a gorgeous, well designed industrial world. You play as Elvis and after a mysterious weather sets in that erodes your metal home to rust, Elvis must find The Manager and get a new home! But all is not well in this mysteriously rusty world. Along the way, you’ll discover dangerous traps, challenging platforming puzzles and a looming war on the not-so-far horizon between the two races in the game all while listening to a dark and rhythmic style of music.
  • Lumo Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Lumo Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Welcome, to the world of Lumo! Lumo is an isometric platformer based on ‘Solstice’ for the NES. You’ll play as a really odd individual who’s sucked into a video game. From there, you’ll have to platform your way through over 400 different rooms, solve challenging puzzles, complete mini games, all along your quest to find all the missing rubber ducks!
  • Epoch Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Epoch Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Welcome to the world of Epoch, where the game seems destined to fall under the comparison of ‘It’s like Zelda but with Dark Souls stuff’ and we’ll get into that comparison later. You play as a random generic hero with generic goal #1025 of saving a dying world. You create your character from a barebones set of races, hair options, color and charge your way forward through a vast, yet somehow still claustrophobic world.
  • Shadwen Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Shadwen Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    "Shadwen is a stealth-action game where the only rule is to remain unseen. Stay hidden - or the ruthless guards will kill you on sight! Shadwen, an assassin on a quest to kill the king, has a chance encounter with an orphaned girl, Lily. She follows Shadwen on her dangerous journey, but when the ruthless guards get too close, Shadwen must take action right in front of Lily's eyes. "
  • Goliath Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Goliath Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    You start off as a crashed pilot with nothing but a gun the ability to cloak (odd, but okay), and the ability to craft campsites. You’ll later get robots, get crafting material, get more robots, get more crafting material, get nicer robots, and so on. You’ll explore the different ‘shards’ of the world, fight enemies, craft some robots, beat up enemies, solve some rather boring fetch quests, and that’s about it. You level up, fight baddies, and save the world (sorta).
  • Kathy Rain Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Kathy Rain Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Kathy Rain is a pixilated 2D adventure game set in the mid-90s. Kathy Rain is the story of a budding journalist in college who has to come to terms with her troubled past as she investigates the death of her recently deceased grandfather. The journey will take Kathy to the town of Conwell Springs, where she’ll begin to dig into a local mystery surrounding her hometown, taking her on a road full of emotional rollercoasters along the way.
  • 8 Bit Armies Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    8 Bit Armies Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    8-Bit Armies is a retro Real-Time Strategy game, cracking the same vein in as Command and Conquer. With a voxel art style, 8-Bit Armies tries to play off the retro look. You’ll collect resources, build up and defend your base, raise your army, and obliterate your opponents, literally! 8-Bit Armies features offline single-player missions, two-player cooperative missions, AI skirmish mode, and Player-vs-Player Multiplayer modes running on dedicated game servers.
  • Dreaming Sarah Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Dreaming Sarah Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

    Dreaming Sarah is a 2D retro-style adventure platformer with puzzle elements in the same vain as Yume Nikki. In Dreaming Sarah, you’ll run around a series of different areas, collect items, solve puzzles, and platform your way to the end of the game. You play as Sarah, and you’re dreaming (get it? Dreaming Sarah?). Sarah begins dreaming after she gets into a car crash and is put into a coma. We’d say that’s a spoiler, but it’s in the description of the game on Steam…so yah.
  • Bit Dungeon II Review

    Bit Dungeon II Review

    Bit Dungeon II is an adventure roguelike action game. You are a spirit in an undead world of demons. Your loved one's grave has been desecrated. From there, the player will fight through the corrupted lands, and bring peace to her soul. The game starts you off with no armor, no weapons, and at level one. Your goal is simple, bring peace to your love’s soul. You will level up in a partially procedurally generated world, find better armor, find better weapons, level up, kill demons and hordes of the undead, and eventually bring peace to your loves’ soul.
  • CrossCode [Early Access] Review: It’s Hard To Say No

    CrossCode [Early Access] Review: It’s Hard To Say No

    CrossCode is the worst possible game type that we’ve played in Early Access. Not because it’s a bad game. In fact, we not only like how it plays, but we like the concept, where we ‘think’ the story is going, the excellent enemy variety, the animations, the visuals, the control layout, etc. In fact, if this game was done, we might even consider it to be one of the better indie role-playing games we’ve played. There’s just one problem, one small, yet gigantic problem that stops us from recommending CrossCode in its current state; you can’t finish the game.
  • Guardians of Orion [Early Access] Review

    Guardians of Orion [Early Access] Review

    Title: Guardians of Orion [Early Access] Developer: Trek Industries, Inc ,  Spiral Game Studios Publisher: Trek Industries, Inc Released...
  • Dragon’s Wake Review

    Dragon’s Wake Review

    It's a story-driven platformer about a baby dragon, and it's a game you should check out if you enjoy story driven platformers or dragons.
  • Valzar Review

    Valzar Review

    Overall, if you’re a fan of roguelike games with an interesting art style and fun gameplay, then Valzar is for you. It’s satisfying to play and has plenty of replayability. It’s only problem is that is released on the day of Steam Winter Sales. Not the best move, but hopefully the game still sees some limelight.
  • Death Goat Review – Something Something Metal

    Death Goat Review – Something Something Metal

    Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap top down shooter that may see improvement over time, enjoy heavy metal music, and you can risk not having that Starbucks coffee for a one whole morning, this game is probably for you. It’s cheap, it has a cool look resembling a heavy metal album cover, plays great, and got hooked trying to beat a friend’s score.
  • SOMA Review – The Second best Under-The-Sea Science Fiction Game

    SOMA Review – The Second best Under-The-Sea Science Fiction Game

    Penumbra’s games fell more so into story and puzzles, while leaving horror and ‘scary’ factors on the side. Amnesia: The Dark Descent, took a different route, and reversed the rolls, mainly focusing on horror and leaving the story and puzzles to the side. So did SOMA go back to its roots?
  • Bioshock Review

    Bioshock Review

    For years now bioshock was described to myself as an amazing game with incredible story. It’s been described as one of the best games of that year, and yet only now have I finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy the game properly. I adore alternative timeline ideas and Bioshock made me remember why. It’s story and atmosphere are incredible and has some amazing voice acting and music that truly pulled me into the mysterious city of Rapture. Where there are no gods, only man. Only when the player arrives after a plane crash to find that Rapture …
  • Alan Wake Review

    Alan Wake Review

    When I first heard of Alan Wake, it was early in 2009 when I was first introduced to the game; a full year before the game's actual release. It was during a spot at E3 when a small gameplay trailer showed our fabled hero running around attacking monsters and being attacked by possessed machinery. This was the first Alan Wake iteration I had seen, though let’s not confuse that being the only time Alan Wake had been shown off, and how it was confused with what it really wanted to be....
  • Halo Spartan Strike Review

    Halo Spartan Strike Review

    So have they improved from their past mistakes? Has the Halo isometric series of games become better? No, not only did it not improve, but they somehow actually made the game worse. Laziness is far too apparent and because of that fact that so little has actually become better that every single thing I mentioned before as a downside is still there, and my copy-paste attitude will explain why.
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