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Typoman: Revised Review

Enter the world of Typoman: Revised! Typoman is a ‘cute thing in big scary world’ game where you are assembled as a series of letters that may or may not be foreshadowing what the main character will become. Despite being a cute thing in a big scary world that totally isn’t based in WW2, you have one special, unique gift: You can assemble a series of hodgepodge letters in order to create words that alter your environment. Will this odd, typographic world hold ink? Let’s find out.

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Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

Immerse yourself in the magic world of Dust: An Elysian Tale on a quest to find your true identity. You’ll play as the mysterious Dust, and with your trusty sidekick Fidget who totally isn’t Nall from Lunar 2 we promise because Fidget’s orange and a Nimbat you dolt. Along the way, you’ll pursue your destiny while trying to stop an evil force from sweeping over the lands of [insert generic name here] all the while learning about your mysterious past and helping people who have a tendency to never move more than twenty feet. You’ll fight airships, you’ll fight monsters, you’ll swing your sword, and you’ll make vwooshzheeooshzoozoosh noises. There’s collectables, there’s side quests, there’s something about Metroids and Vanias, and there’s Fidget. We could probably sell you on the game alone with Fidget.

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Dustbowl Review

Welcome to Dustbowl! You are a random man who survived the aftermath of a really horrible apocalyptic event. After your good for nothing father leaves you in the post-apocalyptic bunker on your own with a bunch of random strangers in a room without a lock of any description, it’s up to you to find your father and probably save the world or something. You’ll enter the wasteland, find some gear, probably get sick and get mauled by a bird, all the while exploring the mutant infested wastes!

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35MM Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

35mm is a story set in a post-apocalyptic Russia, following the journey of two people as they travel through the surprisingly populated wasteland. After an epidemic killed off most of the world’s population, it’s up to our two main heroes to do bugger all in this not-so-epic apocalyptic road trip of glitches, dodgy English translations, and a disappointingly flat and dull story to accompany the walking speed only a turtle could find acceptable. Do you like holding down the sprint button for the entirety of the game just so you walk at a normal pace? Well, enjoy that.

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Sacred Line Genesis Remix Review

Welcome to Stephen King’s movie adaptations, the video game! You’ll play as an odd fellow named Ellen, a private detective living in eastern Europe. Probably lives in Scotland, everything bad happens in Scotland. Lately, her business has not been going well, which leads her to the decision of closing the office. But on the last day of work, an eerily familiar yet anonymous plot device calls her by phone (stupid phantoms, running up the phone bill) and asks her to inspect a hidden forest outpost. Apparently in eastern Europe, hidden forest outposts are just a really common thing. Intrigued, Ellen leaves for the case she could only find in her worst nightmares, text! Text upon text upon text!


First Impressions Of Kona (Early Access) | Yourwolfsdengaming

Kona is the tale of a private detective going into the roots of 1970 Northern Canada. After a request by industrialist W. Hamilton, he calls upon the detective Carl Faubert to investigate vandalism against the wealthy capital industrialist and to handle the affair. After being trapped in the Northern Atamipek region of Canada due to a huge snowstorm, it’s Carl’s job to find his client and figure out just what’s going on.

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Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a fast and furious game with a hint of twisted metal, a sprinkle of Burnout: Paradise and Need for Speed all mixed together. But oh no! Professor Gamespires has accidentally added a special ingredient! Guns! With tons of trigger-happy AI just chomping at the bits to bite your metal arse a new one, dozens of tracks to choose from and dozens of customization options for your car, only you can save the day from…um…nothing!

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On Rusty Trails Review | Yourwolfsdengaming

On Rusty Trails is a modern platformer in a gorgeous, well designed industrial world. You play as Elvis and after a mysterious weather sets in that erodes your metal home to rust, Elvis must find The Manager and get a new home! But all is not well in this mysteriously rusty world. Along the way, you’ll discover dangerous traps, challenging platforming puzzles and a looming war on the not-so-far horizon between the two races in the game all while listening to a dark and rhythmic style of music.

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