Jestik Advanced Flex 1.0 Single Monitor Arm Review

This product has been received at a free or discount for review purposes


When first looking into cheaper, single monitor gas-assisted arms, we came across what we’ll call the ‘copy-paste’ arm. These are arms (or, less specifically products) that almost if not completely template. In other words, if you see this monitor arm and note that it looks strikingly similar to another arm with a very similar price point, chances are it is (or at least) is mostly with some minor differences. The one major difference between Jestik’s and the others is that this seems to have some slightly more solid components and a far better clamp than it has any right to house.


Upon receiving the arm and opening the box, you’ll find 2 sets of instructions (one of which is useless), some caps, the cable clip for the back of the arm, some screws, some hex bits, and the attachments for the monitor arm itself. If you took notice at the instructions about taking off the bolt that holds the clamping system, ignore those instructions and throw them into a fire somewhere. You don’t need them, ever. In fact, they confused us at first because we thought that they were some pre-assembly step prior to attaching the arm together. We thought wrong. Other than that, assembly consists of 8 or so steps and we had little issue with assembly.


As for the arm itself once put together, it’s made of (what appears to be) heavy grade aluminum. Ours seemed to have some minor blemishes on the metal surface, but they weren’t really noticeable once further away. The arm itself is advertised as being able to wield up to a 17.7 pound monitor being able to house both 75 x 75 and 100 x 100mm vesa compatibility mounts. We only have a 12.5lb monitor with 100 x 100 vesa compatibility around, but it held it just fine. In order to keep the monitor where you want it, you use the hex bolts to tighten or loosen the monitor arm holding your monitor in place. It’s a bit flakey, but it still worked, if a bit fidgety in order to get the way you want. That being said, we reserve the doubts on it being able to hold 17lb monitors, and we’d suggest not using more than a 15lb monitor just in case. As for monitor compatibility of 15” to 30”, the manual it comes with notes it holding 15” to 27”, not 30”. This may be a typo, but it should hold any monitor so long as it’s less than 17lb. Should you want to raise the monitor arm, undo the clamp on the main pole and bring it up. While the metal bits feel great and high quality, the plastic bits feel cheap.61NUytgrm3L._SL1200_

The clamping mechanism itself is great, and it was easy to loosen and tighten without any issue. It also supports ludicrously thick desks up to 3”. The clamping mechanism also has a fairly thick piece of rubber attached as to not scratch the tops of desks. The cable management ‘bits’ isn’t really great, but it could be worse.

Overall, there’s cheaper gas-powered and gas assisted arms in existence currently on Amazon. However, if you’re looking for a solid, partially aluminum arm that has some okay built in cable management with some decent adjustment options and you’re on a budget, this arm may be for you.


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