Sacred Line Genesis Remix Review

Title: Sacred Line Genesis Remix

Developer: Sasha Darko

Publisher: Sasha Darko

Released For: PC (Windows) Sega Genesis

Reviewing: PC (Windows)

DRM and DRM free Versions Available      

Released On: June 1st, 2016

MSRP: $2.99 Steam Link , Link, Website Link

Copy Received By Developer and or publisher


Welcome to Stephen King’s movie adaptations, the video game! You’ll play as an odd fellow named Ellen, a private detective living in eastern Europe. Probably lives in Scotland, everything bad happens in Scotland. Lately, her business has not been going well, which leads her to the decision of closing the office. But on the last day of work, an eerily familiar yet anonymous plot device calls her by phone (stupid phantoms, running up the phone bill) and asks her to inspect a hidden forest outpost. Apparently in eastern Europe, hidden forest outposts are just a really common thing. Intrigued, Ellen leaves for the case she could only find in her worst nightmares, text! Text upon text upon text!

Be warned, the gameplay doesn’t play along the lines of its Genesis counterpart, rather it plays like a Kinetic novel. Prepare to click the screen about a thousand times to go through text. The story plays like a really bad Stephen King movie adaptation and it feels like it. You’ll go from being in a dark forest, to a laboratory, to a desert in the deep underground. It’s story, the imagery and the entire game plays how a videogame version of a movie adaptation of a Stephen King book would go. Rather than playing like the Sega Genesis version, which plays more like a visual novel with some early first person dungeon crawler elements, it plays more like a compendium version of the Sega Genesis version.

The visuals (and really the entire game) play into that “It’s so bad it’s good” feeling. They aren’t horrible, but we have a feeling the actual ‘horror’ element came from the fact that you couldn’t quite make out what you were looking at on the Sega Genesis due to the high pixelation. However on PC, you can see everything quite clearly, losing a fair bit of the actual horror. Instead, the visuals play more into a really early 90s movie that tried to implement 3D visuals in the most cringe-worthy way possible. The visuals (and the entirety of the game really) reminds us of a Stephen King book-to-movie adaptation. You know the ones. The ones that you know are trying their hardest to be scary when (in reality) either aren’t, or are just too ridiculous to truly find scary or horrific? The redux version of Sacred Line is basically one of those. Don’t get us wrong, those aren’t ‘bad’ experiences, but they’re quite different than what you might expect or find on it’s Genesis counterpart. If you want the horror element and gameplay, grab the Genesis version to experience the horror visuals. 

The music is simplistic. You’re not going to find any over-complicated melodies or thought-provoking tunes. However, the audio and soundscape are fairly coherent and well done. At least, to our ears.

snippet 6

” I don’t think this is suppose to be funny. We’ll let you be the judge. “

As for the controls and settings, no. No visual settings, no way to adjust the screen resolution, we can’t even put the screen into the full window. Just no. Controls are okay, meaning that you only have two buttons. The left mouse click goes through text, the right goes to your pause menu. We’ll presume the reason you can’t change the screen size is because the images are only 576p still images, but we’d much rather decide for ourselves the screen size thank you kindly.

We were slightly entertained by the game, but again, for all the wrong reasons. The game’s story itself is rather, er, dull. Again, it probably plays better on the Genesis. For the PC version, it plays out like a kinetic novel rather than the Genesis version, which plays more like an old school, first person dungeon crawler. Giving you zero choice, ending abruptly and offering poor visuals to boot. However, we liked the game for it’s overzealous and rather ridiculous story. If you ever saw The Shining Stephen King Movie Adaption and liked it because of how over-the-top it was and just how ridiculous and overacted it is, you might actually find some enjoyment out of Sacred Line Genesis Remix.

comparison 2

” PC version on the left, Sega Genesis version on the right. “

Overall, we can’t suggest the game for people who are looking for that ‘visual horror experience’. If you want the game in it’s entirety with some really cool gameplay ideas (like rolling a dice to determine choices) but don’t own a genesis, just buy the digital Sega Genesis version via this link, download a Sega Genesis emulator with controller support and go wild. It’s an extra $3 USD, but it will offer you a far better horror experience. However, we ARE going to suggest this version of Sacred Line on the basis that you either enjoy the over-the-top, overacting that Stephen King movie adaptations bring, or you want a kinetic companion to your physical Sega Genesis cart. Because the game’s actual story really is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. It’s extremely short and we’ll suggest picking it up on sale if the above sounds like your cup of tea.



  • A dumb story with a stupid level of humor that’s enjoyable if you enjoy Steven King movie adaptations


  • Audio is okay, but nothing special


  • Without the gameplay elements of the Genesis version, it’s extremely short
  • It tries to be a horror game when it doesn’t really work with it’s visual choice
  • No way to adjust visual settings
  • The Genesis version of Sacred Line is superior in the gameplay department

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