Dragon’s Wake Review

Title: Dragon’s Wake

Developer: Brainbox Software

Publisher: Brainbox Software

Released For: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X 10.7+) 

DRM Versions Available      

Released On: December 10, 2015

MSRP: $3.99

Copy received by developer


I would convey the game rather simply. The game is like a novice guitarist learning to play a cover of a song. They may not strike every cord they intended to, but it’s clear what their intentions throughout the game are and it’s clear that the developer is working well-within their limits and understands they’re not a AAA game studio. It doesn’t do everything right, but the parts and things it does get right, it really gets right. They didn’t get the cover perfectly, but they made it unique enough that it didn’t matter if they missed a few cords along the way. It’s a story-driven platformer about a baby dragon, and it’s a game you should check out if you enjoy story driven platformers or dragons.

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