Death Goat Review – Something Something Metal

Title: Death Goat [Early Access]

Developer: Terminal Press

Publisher: Terminal Press

Released For: PC, OS X 10.7 or above, Xbox 360, Desura

DRM and DRM Free Versions Available      

Released On: Dec 7, 2015

MSRP: $2.99

Copy received by developer


Gameplay wise; it’s your fairly typical top-down shooter with a nice pallet swap. It follows the more arcade style top-down shooter road with a score system rather than a level system with 3 lives and a lot of power ups along with a speed boost and what we can only describe as a nuclear pentagram. There’s plenty of enemy variety to keep the player coming back, and (upon death) enemies explode into a pile of gore, guts, and an otherwise unruly corpse that looked amazing. We managed to stay alive (at best) for 8 waves, but I’m sure there are other players out there who are far better than us. During the game, you can also find temporary shields, weapons boosts, and other power ups to aid the player. The gameplay is simple, but fun and we enjoyed our time with the game. It’s a different flavor of top-shooter, and it’s more enjoyable then one might initially suspect. Coupled with its $3.00 asking price, even if someone is on the fence about purchasing the game due to it being in Early Access; the low price of the game combined with it’s fairly professional look and interesting pallet of color choices and the ‘death metal’ ascetic would make those who are on the fence most likely jump on the purchase. It doesn’t have a story, but it doesn’t claim to. Unlike when we harped on Gone Home for it having a weak story, Death Goat doesn’t try to put one in at all. While I think a story along the line of Serious Sam layered on may have brought some added humor, it’s fine as-is and doesn’t really need to be there.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap top down shooter that may see improvement over time, enjoy heavy metal music, and you can risk not having that Starbucks coffee for a one whole morning, this game is probably for you. It’s cheap, it has a cool look resembling a heavy metal album cover, plays great, and got hooked trying to beat a friend’s score.

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