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Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse
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The logitech G600 is a mouse designed specifically for mmo players in mind. When I was first shopping for a more proper mouse and gameplaying experience after another mouse of mine died after nearly a decade of use I didn’t want something particularly flashy. I did however want a mouse that was white with some type of rgb lighting setup for under $50.00. I also took it upon myself to try and get a mouse with different settings for DPI and so on.


Scrolling through Amazon’s store front (and Ebay in attempts to get one for cheaper) sent me to the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse for a grand total of $40. It also comes in two different colors both in a matt finish either black or white. I purchased the white one. So, is it worth the price?

Let’s start off with the basics:

  • Resolution of upto 8200dpi
  • Max acceleration at 30g
  • Max speed at 4 metres/second
  • Total weight of 133 grams
  • Durability of 20 million clicks
  • Real metal switches
  • 2 metre cord length

When I first opened up the mouse I was pleasantly surprised. It had a nice professional package which was a nice change of pace. It comes with a thick manual, the mouse itself, and your warranty. First using the mouse it’s weight and how easily it was able to move thanks to those low friction feet was also a benefit. I should warn you that I have large gorilla hands (or in this case paws ^-^) and it formed well. I also had another friend with much smaller hands to try the mouse and she also said it formed well and she didn’t have trouble reaching any of the available buttons. The mouse feels quite comfortable in the hand. The g600 also features a special coating on the finger and palm areas so you don’t get that gamer gunk you get on some other mice.

The mouse itself features 20+ buttons and it shows. Most of the keys are automatically mapped to something by default so I didn’t have to go into the settings and change much. It also features some already mapped presets for certain games such as skyrim if you prefer those.

The software itself is also a nice feature. While not the easiest piece of software I’ve used it is certainly a step above many gaming related peripheral softwares that seem to be more clunky than helpful. Logitech’s while slightly too simple; was easy to navigate and thanks to its rgb lighting system in the 12 function buttons I was able to change it to any color I could want.

The mouse also features sixteen million different lighting combinations thanks to that rgb lighting and different patterns. I get a perfect match to my Ducky keyboard color and was extremely happy. Thanks to it’s built in memory profiles you can save upto 3 memory profiles for any pattern of colors (or solid colors) and settings that you chose. Good for those who game on-the-go or for those who go to LAN parties regularly. It also has a cable-tie that logitech has been including with their mice for a while meant to wrap up that extra cable length you have.

However, not all of it’s features I would consider to be positives. For one the grip on the side of the mouse is more of an annoyance that a help. I felt that part of my hand feel more sweaty than the other parts and the grip didn’t do much besides adding a texture to the side of the mouse. Also while the far right mouse button is a nice bonus I seemed to accidentally click it one too many times for my liking. After a few weeks however that problem seemed to dissipate. On top of that while the main mouse buttons have that that nice coating; the function buttons do not.

Since I don’t really play massive multiplayer games or extremely twitch-based shooters such as Counter Strike I had to find another way to really test the game. The best twitch based shooter I could think of involved games like Duke Nukem or Serious Sam. So I played a few games that require precision and quick thinking which I hope accurately tested the mouse appropriately.

  • Serious Sam Revolution: A quick fast-paced arcade style first person shooter. It’s currently hosting updated versions of Serious Sam 1 and 2 as well as a few new things to boot and is as of now in early access. The mouse worked well and certainly helped with me kill some Beheaded Bombers. I don’t have many other mice to try the game with, but it did at the very least improve my accuracy.


  • Deadcore: A firstperson platformer. While I may have certain gripes with the game, it’s also one of the better first person platformers with some interesting puzzle elements that has actually made me think for a good while and served (for me) as an excellent test of how well I could do. Not shockingly it did will and I enjoyed playing the game. Again while I don’t have many mice around the office to compare the G600 to, the G600 did fair better and allowed me to do certain tricks to get around some puzzles easier.

There is also another area where this mouse could work. Editing. Thanks to the mouse’s almost hilarious amount of buttons those who constantly edit photographs or videos may get some use as well and could help speed up time doing certain segments of work.
There’s not much more to say other than it’s a mouse. It functions as a normal mouse should function, the build quality is quite impress (especially all metal switches), I enjoy the rgb lighting with the solid white mouse as a nice contrast, the cord length is reasonable, and the coating on certain parts of the mouse is a nice bonus though I would personally like to see it on the entirety of the mouse in the future and I would like to possibly see an improved more ‘grippy’ scroll wheel and side grip in the future. Overall it’s a good mouse for the price of $40 and is certainly something to consider purchasing if you’re looking for features that the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse offers.

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